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Chin Surgery on Nuns' Island

A receding or protruding chin can unbalance a face and spoil its natural harmony. Chin surgery is a procedure that aims to correct the structure and shape of the chin that comprises genioplasty (to augment a receding chin) and mentoplasty (to reduce a protruding chin). Chin surgery is offered on Nuns' Island by Dr Joseph Bou-Merhi. After a careful analysis of the structural elements of your face, your plastic surgeon will determine the intervention to be performed in order to maintain the consistency of your features according to the proportions of your face. If necessary, he can advise you on additional treatments, such as a facelift.

Restore Balance to Your Profile

Performed under general, mixed or local anesthesia, genioplasty or mentoplasty lasts between thirty minutes and two hours. Your plastic surgeon can perform various procedures to restore balance to your face:

  • File the jaw bones (protruding chin)

  • Remove bone portions (protruding chin)

  • Put in a prosthesis, called a chin implant (receding chin)

  • Perform a bone graft (receding chin)

As these procedures are done from inside the mouth, no visible scars are left.

Permanent Results

Chin surgery is a permanent procedure. Bruising and swelling disappear after about two weeks. The final appearance of your chin will take two to three months to set, even if you notice a change immediately after the surgery.

Your chin is an essential aspect of your facial morphology. Entrust the assessment of your situation to Dr Joseph Bou-Merhi: he will see beyond roblem and envision the true symmetry of your face before proceeding to the appropriate corrections that will change your personal image.

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