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Stomach Surgery in Montreal: Firmness and Aesthetics

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is recommended to correct sagging skin and muscle in the abdomen, especially after weight loss or weight gain, and following a pregnancy. In Montreal, this stomach surgery is proposed to you by Dr Joseph Bou-Merhi, plastic surgeon at the Center of Plastic Surgery of Nuns' Island.

Complementary to Liposuction

Most of the time, abdominoplasty is accompanied by liposuction. In fact, when the skin sags, the muscles are stressed and there are stretch marks on the stomach, liposuction is no longer a choice but a must. You have to remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles.

Impressive Results

Abdominoplasty leaves a long incision in the lower belly, which can easily be hidden under a bikini. This incision heals in a few weeks, but the scar can take up to six to twelve months to whiten. This operation is always under general anesthesia and requires a rest period of two to three weeks before returning to work. The reward is a nice firm belly that allows you to forget the consequences of pregnancy or weight loss.

The Mini-Abdominoplasty

If the soft skin is limited to a region under the umbilicus (the navel), a mini-abdominoplasty is the intervention of choice. In this case, local anesthesia can be used because the surgery is less extensive and the scar is shorter. Recovery is easier and return to work is faster. Mini-abdominoplasty is also often combined with liposuction.

Book your consultation: Dr Bou-Merhi will gladly discuss with you the options that are best suited to your case. He will also take the time to explain the procedures and precautions to take so that your surgery goes smoothly and successfully.

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